ReNEWable Massachusetts

To address climate change, we need to move immediately towards a renewable energy system. Most immediately, we must ensure that Massachusetts stops the development of any new fossil fuel infrastructure. This includes use of “natural” and fracked gas, which has been falsely advertised as a clean and natural “bridge fuel” for addressing climate change; we’ve got to correct this false notion. The industry is rapidly expanding gas development in the region to export it. This web of new projects is linked and stopping them is imperative. As a leader in the nation in climate and energy policy already, and a hub for brilliant innovations in clean energy development, we are poised to take on this ambitious mission.

The cornerstones of this campaign for the next year will be: stopping the expansions of the Kinder Morgan/Tennessee Gas Pipeline (KM/TGP) that intersect our state (the Northeast Energy Direct [NED] Project and Connecticut Expansion), the Salem Gas Plant, Spectra/Algonquin Incremental Market (AIM)/Atlantic Bridge Project, and Access Northeast as these are all interconnected. Other projects may also be included. The TN Gas Pipeline fight is particularly unique because of the wave of opposition that has already mobilized around it. This campaign will be an integral part of unprecedented grassroots efforts opposing a fracked gas pipeline to date; promoting renewables, energy efficiency and conservation, and fixing gas leaks, to reduce or eliminate the need for fossil fuel-based energy. To accomplish our goals, we will work with others towards building a broad-based coalition.

Mass Power Forward

350Massachusetts has joined the Mass Power Forward campaign, a coalition of environmental leaders, clean energy businesses, faith groups, neighborhood health and safety advocates, and Massachusetts families fighting for our future. We believe our state and region can power forward with clean, affordable, reliable energy and a thriving economy. We have no other choice.

Visit the Mass Power Forward website to learn more!

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